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AC-DC Total Solution – High Voltage and High Conversion Efficiency

Niko has been dedicated to developing discrete power MOSFET for several years from low voltage device to high voltage device. Now, we are one of the leading corporations in the power electronics industry in Taiwan. We provide not only components but also the total solution to our customers which we are good at no matter for light level charger or for heavy loading power system.

The system will be operated in such a severe environment, so the performance of the device must be confident that the device can suffer in high electrical field and high temperature environment. Moreover, the device has to provide a continuous and stable power for the system. Therefore, a new technique is needed which are the Super-Junction MOSFET and SiC diode for SMPS such as PV inverter, electrical vehicle charger and so on. The Super-Junction MOSFET schematic diagram is shown in Fig. 1. With these techniques, the device can be operated in high voltage and also has a relatively outstanding performance than other structures.

Fig. 1 Basic super-junction schematic diagram

In order to fit the high-efficiency energy criteria, we have developed synchronous rectifier MOSFETs including 60 V,80 V,100 V, and 150 V with lower R_DS(on) till 2.5 mΩ to replace the conventional Schottky diode. All these benefits will make your design to be higher conversion efficiency and higher power density.

In addition, we provide our customers with a high voltage switch. It can be seen as a high voltage signal switch for conserving power. The part number are P2B60AMA and P7A60DMA.

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