Human Resource Policy

Balance between Work and Life

Strict demands of work do not represent that you have to abandon the pursuit of life quality. NIKO-SEM had made long-term efforts to achieve the goal – emphasizing the balance between work and life. Moreover, we concentrate on the achievement of large profits as well as the enhancement of employee’s compensation and benefits.

Teamwork and Effectiveness

Employee, with excellent effectiveness, can be elegant to go off work on time to pursuit glamorous life. However, most projects shall be completed throughout teamwork cooperation, more importantly, each employee will elevate self effectiveness by helping group to reach goal. Hence, we dedicate the open communication channel and encourage employee express opinions.

Multiple Recreational Activities

NIKO-SEM has a variety of clubs, such as sports, leisure activities, academies, chess activities, etc., to allow the work and life balance for the employee.

Happiness Spreading

To improve our society and help disadvantaged groups and destitute families, NIKO-SEM has annual charity sponsoring programme.

High Quality Employee

High quality employee base is the key factor to achieve NIKO-SEM’s aims.